Liquid Gut Love

Tonight I tried a new supplement that I have never tried before. Pro EM-1 Probiotic, Pro EM-1 is a fermented liquid probiotic made with organic ingredients and naturally-occurring microorganisms. I took the recommended daily dosage which is 1 tablespoon. The taste was a slight bit tart and smooth. It reminded me of cranberry juice. I actually liked the taste. I love anything fermented and tart.
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Liquid supplements are amazing because sometimes when you take too many supplements in the form of capsules or tablets, it is a nice break plus it goes down easier.
So what is EM-1 you ask? Pro EM-1 is made in the USA, using a Japanese technology known as “Effective Microorganisms (EM) Technology. EM Technology was developed over 30 years ago and is in use in over 100 countries. Pro EM•1 ® Probiotic is made from Dr. Higa’s EM Technology® formulations, which have been at the forefront of the beneficial bacteria industry since the 1980’s.

PRO EM-1 ® naturally balances the good bacteria in your digestive tract with its unique ecosystem support of over 1 million colony forming units (cfu) per ml (cc)
PRO EM-1® daily probiotic cleanse naturally balances the good bacteria in your digestive tract with its unique ecosystem support of over 1 million colony forming units (cfu) per ml (cc)
Six different “microflora” live and work in PRO EM-1® to support your gut health
PRO EM-1® unique formula can aid in digestion, support weight loss, boost your immune system and promote overall, holistic health
Dr. Higa’s unique proven EM Technology® formula – naturally improves the health of the earth, crops, animals and humans alike. No other Probiotic can make this claim!
NO refrigeration necessary – today most of the finest probiotics require refrigeration, but PRO EM-1® is fermented in its natural state at normal temperatures – this makes it easy for travel or to transport with you daily
2004-2T (1)
100% wheat, gluten, GMO, dairy and soy free
Safe for those with diabetes and sugar concerns – the colonies digest the natural honey and molasses during the fermentation process
PRO EM-1® is fermented, not freeze dried. This means ALL the microbes are in their natural state, live and active in the bottle, and ready for immediate action in your body.

PRO EM-1 really made my gut feel instantly better after I had dinner tonight, there
was no bloating or uncomfortable full feeling. My stomach just felt calm and at ease.
I really love this liquid probiotic and look forward to keeping my body in top optimal health from all PRO EM-1® health benefits

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Santamedical PM-180 Tens Unit to the Rescue

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This little device works very well at alleviating pain, stiffness and soreness on your body. I had pain on my left shoulder & lower back from working out at the gym too hard. After using this I felt better and my pain was gone.
This is as small as an ipod and is very lightweight. It comes with 4 Electro pads wires & Wall Unit charger- USB Cable – Pad and Wires Collector Operating Manual. It is very use friendly and easy to use. I thought this would feel uncomfortable as I do not like shocks but it is more of a soothing pulsating sensation that help calms the area were you are in pain or sore. This is a must for anyone who works out, runs, does heavy lifting. This works very well and does the job.
Disclaimer “I received this product at a discount for my honest & unbiased opinion.”

Happiness in the shower

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Let’s start by saying I have never owned a shower head that plays music & answers your calls. Sounds kinda crazy and fun right? To say this shower head adds joy and bliss to your early morning shower routine is an understatement. Now I can sing along to the soundtrack to the Broadway smash “Hamilton” while I deep condition my hair or I can play the latest James Patterson thriller on Audiobook as I soak in a nice bath & relax without worrying my iPhone is going to get wet or damaged.
This shower head is very easy to install. It came with simple instructions. It looks very nice and modern, clean and sleek.
It takes about 4 hours to it to charge the speaker & after that you just secure it into the middle of the shower head, switch your phone to bluetooth & Voilà! You are ready to dance with the universe in your shower to whatever playlist is on your phone. SO FREAKING COOL! I love that you can control the volume from the shower head & also change the tracks by just pressing the + and the – symbol on the speaker itself. Super easy.
The shower head itself is pretty big and although the pressure isn’t as hard, there are ways you can tweak it to make the water pressure come out with more force. The water has a nice spray that feels really good and soft against your body, so the quality of the shower head itself is very good.
The sound is perfect, It is loud & clear and does the job. The quality works for what it is and its size, average sounding, if not a little better. No complaints as the sound is clear and great for the shower, just don’t expect thumping bass or surround sound in the shower.
Besides I don’t want to wake up the neighbors too much on a peaceful Sunday morning blasting Avicii tunes.
Overall I am very happy with this product. This would make the perfect Christmas Gift. Spa Living’s White Bluetooth Rain Shower Head
definitely brings happiness to any household.

Amazing Bamboo Cutting Board

I love my new Alton Bay Slice and Serve Bamboo Cutting Board 18 X 12 X .8 Inches Drip Groove on Topside Catches Liquids and the Reverse Side Is a Smooth Large Cutting Board Made From Strong Moso Bamboo
unnamed (19)
Such a beautiful, gorgeous and defined cutting board that makes prepping such a pleasure!
This cutting board has exceeded my expectations. The finish on it is very nice & smooth. I have been able to use it several times prepping dinner & cutting lots of veggies. It looks like a really expensive board. It is superb high quality and will pair up nicely with all your kitchen tools. The construction seems very study and the wood does not seem like it would dull out any knives. I’d recommend this product to anyone looking for a natural wood cutting board or bamboo. It looks amazing on the counter top. I got this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review. Highly recommend this board!

Sunday Afternoon Messenger Bag

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I seriously did not think I would love a messenger bag this much but my new OXA Durable Vintage Canvas Shoulder Messenger Casual Sling Bag for Men and Women Khaki
It is definitely hands down the best messenger bag I have ever owned. The style is very classic yet simplistic. The natural light brown color goes with pretty much everything I own & it just looks very handsome. It is small yet very spacious and roomy. It can store allot of items. There are 4 zippered pockets, 2 on each side. I put a folder full of paper work, markers, my iPhone, water bottles, vitamin supplements and some snacks and it felt very light still and easy to carry. It felt very comfortable to wear all day and night as the strap fits perfectly around your shoulder.
The quality of the bag is exceptional and very nice. The material is very vintage and nice. I feel like I am carrying around something that is well built, casual, stylish and not cheap looking.
Overall this bag will suit your everyday needs. It is important to have a high quality great looking messenger bag to carry with you everywhere that you will love, and I seriously am in love with this bag.

Sunrise. Kygo. New headphones. Bliss


It is sunrise and I could not sleep last night, so I am sitting here outside watching the beautiful sunrise and listening to my favorite DJ KYGO pump amazing tropical house bass nirvana out of my new Sound Intone 165 Stereo Foldable Headphones.

The headphones are super comfy, black and gold sleek, and the sound is superb quality. I love them!

1, High 40mm energy drivers deliver powerful bass & clear treble
2, Lightweight foldable & adjust.ABS housing for rugged durability
3, Pressure-relieving ear pads for long-wear comfort
4, Control your music and calls with inline volume control/mic/remote
5, 47.25-inch (1.2 meter) cord with straight shaped stereo mini plug to connect to your phone, MP3 player, or computer