SB Trays Folding Bamboo Bed Tray

I am loving my new bamboo bed tray these days. I got sick this week and had to lounge in bed a few days to recover and used this bed tray to have meals on. It was perfect and very nice. I felt really posh laying around eating in bed which I normally don’t do. I was impressed at attractive and elegant this tray was when I pulled it out of the box.

It is extremely straightforward to use and I found it durable to hold a full plate, a glass, bowl and a few other items. I love the way the tray legs fold down when you don’t use them and can be used to place your laptop, iPad and electronics on it. The legs require a little bit of pull to pull out but once they are out, I found the legs to be quite sturdy.
Overall, A handsome looking serving tray that is multi-functional and is very high quality. I really enjoy having this tray around. It’s never too late to have breakfast in bed!

  • Generous size fits comfortably over lap, foldable legs make storage a breeze. Tray measures 19.6 x 14.4 x 2 inches; with legs extended the total height is 9.5 inches.
  • Solid and built to last, this tray is made from sustainable bamboo – the natural look and durability of wood, but a more eco-friendly choice! Attractive bamboo matches any furniture decor.


[This product was provided to me at no cost for reviewing purposes.]

SB Trays Folding Bamboo Bed Tray


Chef’s Knife By Happymoon Kitchenware


This beautiful Chef’s Knife is sooooo awesome!!! I really love this knife and have been able to test it out all week in the kitchen. First of all, it arrived in such a beautiful and elegant package, perfect for gift giving. The knife was bigger then I expected and I was very pleased with the size of it. I used it to chop onions first and could not believe how sharp and easy it was to slice and dice the onions.It was effortless.


The next night I roasted a chicken and was very excited to carve it with this knife. Low and behold, the 8 inch blade sliced through the bone with ease and precision. It was such a breeze to carve with. I have owned many knives before but none of them have worked as good as this one. I am super thrilled to own this amazing chef’s knife and look forward to cooking with it.
Overall: A incredibly sharp knife with a elegant modern design and comfortable handle. Very sturdy and durable. I am absolutely in love with it and recommend this to anyone looking for a high quality chef’s knife.
These knife was provided at no cost in exchange for a full product review and honest evaluation.

Keeva Revitalizing Shampoo


Keeva Revitalizing Shampoo is amazing! I am really picky about my shampoos and finally I have found something that I can honestly say works tremendously well and that I really love it. This shampoo did not dry out my hair and has kept it really soft, easy to manage and looking superbly healthy. It lathers up well and the minute it touches my hair, it was instant luxurious moisture! This shampoo will not leave your hair flat or limp but silky, smooth and strong! It is gentle enough to use on your head everyday and will keep your scalp from becoming dry. It makes my head and hair feel beyond clean. I really am in love with this shampoo and this one is a definite keeper!


I received this product to test out in exchange for my review.