Deluxe Salt and Pepper Grinder Set of 2 – Professional Salt and Pepper Shakers by Chef Express Products

I was really impressed with the qualities these have. Upon opening they were beautiful. The glass is so thick I can feel safe knowing they won’t shatter if they accidentally get dropped. The grinder works flawlessly so far.


They have a nice stainless steel top with a glass bottom, so they are very elegant looking and adds a nice style to my already existing décor. The caps that attach to the top of the shakers fits snug which has helped reduce a mess, in the past I have used the salt and pepper shakers that have the grinder on the bottom and leaves behind salt and pepper on the surface of my table or counter.


I would recommend this product for anyone looking for a larger size salt and pepper shaker/grinder set. This would make the perfect gift!

Sample provided for review and evaluation′


Chefs Limited Stainless Steel Whistling Tea Kettle, 2.75 Quart – Black

unnamed (5).jpg

This Chef Limited Kettle Features Heat Resistant Silicone Handle. Allows Easy Handling And Pouring, a Great Feature Among Tea Kettles

Tight Fitting Lid With Heatresistant Knob Seals In The Heat On This Stove Top Whistling Teapot

unnamed (11).jpg

Teapot Has A Pleasant Whistle Sound That Signals When Water Is Boiling. Being A Steel Kettle It Is Much More Durable Than Glass Pots

The Modern Designed Heat Resistant Spout Cover On Our Whistling Kettle Is Easily Removable For Pouring

Easy To Clean Stove top Teakettle Is Dishwasher Safe And The 2.75 Quart Capacity Is Perfect Size


Sample provided for test and evaluation