Happiness in the shower

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Let’s start by saying I have never owned a shower head that plays music & answers your calls. Sounds kinda crazy and fun right? To say this shower head adds joy and bliss to your early morning shower routine is an understatement. Now I can sing along to the soundtrack to the Broadway smash “Hamilton” while I deep condition my hair or I can play the latest James Patterson thriller on Audiobook as I soak in a nice bath & relax without worrying my iPhone is going to get wet or damaged.
This shower head is very easy to install. It came with simple instructions. It looks very nice and modern, clean and sleek.
It takes about 4 hours to it to charge the speaker & after that you just secure it into the middle of the shower head, switch your phone to bluetooth & Voilà! You are ready to dance with the universe in your shower to whatever playlist is on your phone. SO FREAKING COOL! I love that you can control the volume from the shower head & also change the tracks by just pressing the + and the – symbol on the speaker itself. Super easy.
The shower head itself is pretty big and although the pressure isn’t as hard, there are ways you can tweak it to make the water pressure come out with more force. The water has a nice spray that feels really good and soft against your body, so the quality of the shower head itself is very good.
The sound is perfect, It is loud & clear and does the job. The quality works for what it is and its size, average sounding, if not a little better. No complaints as the sound is clear and great for the shower, just don’t expect thumping bass or surround sound in the shower.
Besides I don’t want to wake up the neighbors too much on a peaceful Sunday morning blasting Avicii tunes.
Overall I am very happy with this product. This would make the perfect Christmas Gift. Spa Living’s White Bluetooth Rain Shower Head
definitely brings happiness to any household.


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