Good Night Essential Oil Blend by Prime Natural


This soothing blend of Lavender Bulgaria, Clary Sage, Copaiba Balsam, Marjoram, Roman Chamomile smells beyond amazing.I love that the oils are 100% Pure, Natural, Unfiltered, Undiluted, Non-additives, Non-fillers, Non-synthetics, GMO-free and non toxic. After a long hectic day running around, dealing with work and family, sometimes it’s nice just to lay on your bed and decompress. Good Night Essential Oil Blend really helps smooth out the rough edges and bring a sense of calm and peacefulness to you.

I drop a 10 drops of this into my diffuser and let the scent envelop me into a state of tranquility. This blend smells so lovely and wonderful. It is relaxing and subtle. It is very calming and if you use this oil before bed, it will help bring your mind into a state of sleepiness. I have been using it every night before bed and I have been sleeping like a baby. Wonderful product.

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Moscow Mule 100 % Pure Copper Mug by Gear Ultimate

044d1836-4716-4f71-a83e-bb7a42f5e200.jpgThis is a beautifully crafted and elegant copper mug. I recently started becoming addicted to drinking these damn delicious tasting Moscow Mules. To be honest, I rarely drink but these mules are so tasty and refreshing, My obsession with them burn bright! Once a week, I gather all the simple ingredients to make Moscow Mules, the ginger beer, the lime, vodka, ice and of course you gotta have the gorgeous traditional copper mug.

I LOVE this mug, it has a beautiful shine and it’s smooth. They are very sturdy, especially the handle. The cup is made of solid copper and feels perfect while you hold it. It is lightweight yet heavy duty. I love drinking my Moscow Mules at night then in the morning to cure my hangover I drink Kombucha tea in the same mug. Detox to Retox! Overall, this is an awesome cup, 100% copper, great quality and beautifully designed. I am over the moon with it!

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sela beauty Hair Straightening Brush Advance Model

I am really impressed with this excellent product. The Sela Beauty Hair Straightening Brush is well designed, eye catching has a beautiful teal blue color that is sleek and gorgeous.

unnamed (1).jpg

The brush is easy to handle and does not feel heavy while holding in your hand. It has a nice grip that feels perfect. It comes with a heat-resistant glove for extra protection. Everything about this brush screams high quality with it’s beautiful design.

unnamed (3)


I love that this brush is very user friendly. I recently got it as a birthday gift to my girlfriend. She has long curly hair and it usually takes her about one hour to straighten her hair. She finds it very time consuming and was really happy to try out this brush.

With this fantastic brush straightener it took her only half an hour to get her straight and flawless looking. The brush is light & easy to use, and does not burn her scalp and her hair looks soft. smooth and shiny.

unnamed (2).jpg

• Improved heating functions on this straightener keep you in control while reducing the risk of heat damage often associated with hair straightening tools

• Handy LCD screen lets you know when you’ve reached your desired temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius (up to 450 F/230 C) so there’s no guesswork required or waiting around for your hair straightener to heat up

• The anti-scald teeth and inner sleeve, high-temperature resistant outer shell and auto-lock function protect your hair, hands, and scalp while styling

• Anti-static technology and smooth operation ensures sleek, professional looking results without pulling or damaging hair

• 3-year warranty

Sample provided for test evaluation and review

Easy@Home Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor


This Digital Wrist Monitor by Easy@Home is designed with intuitive technology to give you precise and accurate readings. It is a lightweight and compact model that does not feel heavy and is simple and modern in it’s design. The LCD is a good size with time, date, systolic pressure and diastolic pressure and pulse being the most useful pieces of information.  I found the cuff to be extremely comfortable and easy to read with very accurate results compared to my doctor’s readings. What I like about this blood pressure monitor is that it is so easy to use.

Just pull one sleeve up to expose a wrist, wrap the cuff around your wrist, push the button and measure, it is simple as that.

  • Holds up to 60 readings with detailed time stamps. Intelligently calculates the average of your last three readings and displays them in the memory. 
  • Comfort Fit Cuff: Comfortable and stress less Cuff size (5.31-8.46 inch) with Over-pressure protection. Easy to carry compact and No-Wire design. Carry Case and 2XAAA Batteries are included.
  • Advanced 5 Level Blood Pressure Classification and Irregular Heartbeat (arrhythmia) Indicator alert; Large Backlit LCD display shows Systolic blood pressure, Diastolic blood pressure and Pulse Rate.


Overall I think it’s a very useful portable device that works  flawlessly, easily and accurately. It is easy to travel with and lightweight. Readout is easy to read and understand. Love that it is compact and has a case to store it in.  I highly recommend this to those who need to check their blood pressure regularly.

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Blood Builder: Iron Supplement


My roommate just recently got diagnosed with low iron / iron deficiency and we were looking for a supplement that would help raise his levels of iron and energy. This Blood Builder Iron Supplement is a great product. It contains Vitamin C which helps your body absorb the iron, B-12 which is indirectly responsible for raising your blood iron level to keep it in a healthy range.He takes this once a day and can take them on an empty stomach without any upset or discomfort.

He mentioned that he loves that this is gentle on his system, and can take it with our without food and feel fine. He has been taking this for over a week now and so far his iron levels are getting back to normal. So far so good and it seems to be helping his energy levels tremendously. Wonderful product!

Sample provided for test evaluation and review

Expandable Hose with 9-Settings Hose Nozzle & Hose Holder

unnamed (2).jpg

What can I say about this expandable garden hose but AMAZING!!! It exceeded my expectations and left me feeling impressed and happy. I had previous bought a expandable hose at Home Depot and had to return it because it broke after a few uses. As soon as I got this hose, I took it out for a test run and so far, so good. It’s really light weight and easy to move around and made watering my garden / backyard a pleasure. I have a feeling this hose is going to last me quite a while.

The quality of it is superb and excellent. The inner hose is made of from new inner tube materials manufactured by leading American Company to help prevent leaks or burst problems. You can feel it as you hold the hose how strong the inner and external materials are. The outside is made from the strongest exterior fabric (600D*600D) available in market which makes it more durable than other hoses.


Overall I am happy with this hose. The 9 setting spray nozzle that comes with this hose is also very functional and useful. I also love that this comes with a strong metal hose holder that keeps this hose compact nicely. This hose is easy to wrap up and store. I cannot recommend this product enough.

Sample item was provided at a discount for review and evaluation.


Stainless Steel Tumbler by Marky Products

unnamed (1).jpg

This 20oz Stainless Steel tumbler by Marky Products is a beautiful, sleek and handsome product. It is the perfect size. I really love that it feels sturdy. It is big, shiny and well built with a modern edge to it. The stainless steel double wall insulation is very thick on this tumbler which I really love.


I like to drink my water ice cold, usually I keep a water bottle next to the bed at night so I can drink water if I wake up thirsty. I filled this with ice and water and left it on the night stand overnight and it still had ice in it in the morning and the water was chilled and tasted refreshing.

915gB91IK5L._SL1500_ (1)

This thing is built to last and the design and architecture is simply beautiful. The grip and feel is amazing. I seriously just want to hold and carry it around all day with me. I like the way the product’s logo looks on the cup, It looks super nice and refined. Stainless steel is the way to go tot avoid all the chemicals in plastic. I find my drinks taste way better in this tumbler.

81XNKb14HoL._SL1500_ (1).jpg

The advanced technology of this tumbler keeps your drink at the perfect chilled temperature. If you add ice to your drink, your ice will last a very long time as this keeps it ice cold for hours on end. From smoothies to coffee, you can keep your liquids cold or hot for hours on end. It’s fantastic!

• Your drink lasts warm or cold up to three times longer thanks to the state of the art doubled insulation and a vacuum technology.
• The perfect size. Not too big and not too small.
• Comes with a BPA free plastic lid.
• Gorgeous and resplendent design
• Easy to clean
• Built to last and will not break or crack
• Non Toxic
• No funky taste


• None

Sample item was provided at a discount for review and evaluation.