iTECHOR Automatic Electric Wine Opener


I absolutely love this electric wine opener. It is so easy to use. Just pull it off the base, push it down until the cork pops out and voilà, you are ready to enjoy your glass of wine. This makes life a lot easier for me since I don’t have to struggle with cracked corks or the synthetic ones that are really tight and super hard to pull out. This works great on both types of corks.

This wine opener is very sleek, gorgeous and modern looking. It sits nicely in the corner of my kitchen without taking up much space. I love the Aluminium foil cutter which also acts like a stand for this amazing opener. Hands down a really amazing product that I can highly recommend. After using this, you will never have to go back to a manual corkscrew again!


• MATERIAL AND DESIGN: Stainless steel shell, high class motor, reliable quality; open ups to 40 bottles can available with 4pcs brand new AA batteries. One button operation, Stylish and ergonomically designed with soft grip handle to fit the palm of your hand for a firm grip.

• SAFETY AND DURABLE: Foil cutter and base assemble design, practical and saving space; food grade steel spiral awl, quick drilling wine corks without fragment, which is good for those cherishing corks. Unique transparent window makes the cork removal process visual.

• iTECHOR ADVANTAGE: The body of stainless steel, safety than electric opener with part of plastic shell. Recycling use by replacing battery. Better use than rechargeable opener because of built-in battery easily dead; More convenient than hand opener because of labour-saving, enjoy the fun of wine.

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Self Inflating Sleeping Pad by Survival Hax


I was not sure what to expect from this Self Inflating Sleeping Pad as I am a very finicky person when it comes to sleeping. I was beyond pleased to discover just how comfortable this pad is to lay on. It is firm yet cushiony and my body felt really relaxed and comfy on it.




This is perfect to take with me camping. I loved how easy and quickly it was to inflate this sleeping pad. It is also very lightweight and easy to travel with.

Kudos to Survival Hax for creating a winner!

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Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

Island’s Miracle Aromatherapy Essential Oil Kit Bundle

This essential oil set contains a wide variety of wonderful and amazing scents. They are all a mixture of different oils that will improve your health and add zen, peace and tranquility to your household.

There are so many benefits that are associated with the different oils that I have an oil diffuser in every room and use them almost daily. I like to use these in cool air humidifier


It only takes 2-3 drops into the water or oil pad (depending on the type of humidifier) to fill the room with a smooth scent. The smell of each of the oils are not overpowering when used in moderation.

They are not watered down and have a pure and clean scent to them. All of the bottles are brown glass to protect the oil from light and preserve the scent.

The oils drip out easily, they do not pour out too fast, just a steady drip. I have tried all of the scents and there is not one that I do not like. I think Sweet Orange and Silver Fir are my favorites. The only con is deciding which one to use. They are all fantastic!


Package contain 10 varieties which include: Frankincense, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Orange, Peppermint, Tea Tree (Melaleuca), Patchouli, Rosemary, and Silver Fir.

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Wooden Wine Rack by Bella Vino

unnamed (3).jpgI absolutely love this Wooden Wine Rack By Bella Vino! This beautiful and elegant dark cherry red 6-bottle rack fits perfectly in my kitchen.

It was very easy and user friendly to put together without requiring any tools. The rack is strong, sturdy and built to last.

I love how compact this wine rack is. I have limited space so it works perfectly for me. The quality is outstanding and the rack itself is very pleasant to look at. It brings a little sophistication to my dining area.

unnamed (4).jpg

The wine rack is very compact, I have limited space and it works perfectly. Quality is excellent, dark mahogany finish. Very pleasant to look at.


Now I can keep all my favorite wines right in my kitchen. Whenever I need a new bottle or want to change wines I can just easy pull of the wine bottle from the wine rack and pour. This is an excellent product and I highly recommend it.

The DRIVE Bin XL – Large Capacity Car Trash Can


I got this amazing DRIVE Bin XL car trash can for my mother who is always on the go shopping and taking care of my little nephews. Her car is always messy and disorganized. Even my little nephew Ryan said to my mom while he was in the backseat “Grandma, when are you going to clean up your car?”

That’s when I knew my mother needed something like this to help her keep her car clean, neat, and organized.

When she got this product, she rang me up and told me she could not believe how nice this car trash can was. My mom even said that this trash can was so nice, she almost felt bad using it to put trash in. The design and style is impeccable. She was really impressed by the material and how strong and sturdy it was.


She also was pleased at how big this trash can was, which I think is perfect to help keep her car clean. After two weeks of owning this trash can, I went for a drive with my mom out to eat the other day.

As I stepped in her car, I was immediate noticed how clean it was. Not a wrapper in sight or on the floor of her car. It felt brand new, super clean and zen.

91y2i3lh7vl-_sl1500_-1My mother is extremely happy that this product has helped her keep her car clean. She even taught my nephews how to throw their trash and wrappers away into the XL trash bin.

I am really happy this trash can worked wonderfully well for my mom. I highly recommend this product. It is a superior product!

Sample item was provided for review and evaluation.