Suaoki Led Camping Lantern Light Flashlight


This is a great little LED lantern by Suaoki, for campers or non -campers alike. It is perfect for small emergencies like power outages and stormy weather also. The powerful LED has three different settings, and can be used as a powerful flashlight when the lantern is collapsed.

It is lightweight, snaps together easily, and the battery life lasts quite a while. It has a hinge at the top for easy hanging. The batteries are easy to replace, with a screw-off bottom. Overall, very solid product. Looking forward to my next camping trip so that I can give this product a try!


• Portable design, lightweight but strong plastic
• Lantern can be used as a flashlight or open up as a lantern
• Long battery life
• Compact, easy to store
• Light shines bright and strong

Sample item was provided for review and evaluation.


Two-sided Vanity Mirror by Oak Leaf

This mirror is just the perfect size for my vanity and I didn’t have to rearrange everything to make room for it. The stand allows for hands free use, but it is small enough to be handheld also. It looks good with a nice chrome looking finish and with 5x magnification. This is an elegant, modern and very beautiful two sided vanity mirror. I really like how solid it is. This mirror does not feel flimsy at all.


This mirror is perfect for cleaning your pores, plucking your eyebrows and applying moisturizer on your face. It really helps me located all the bad stuff on my skin that I need to remove. This vanity mirror does not look or feel cheap. It has a really good weight to it and feels superior and high quality. I really love it and it’s something I can definitely recommend. Oak Leaf has delivered a stellar product.

• Elegant collection
• 5x Magnification on one side
• Hand polished finish creates a timeless style
• Table mirror design adds elegance to your space
• Base material is made of Solid Brass construction and will provide long lasting durability
• Shape: Circular
• Adjustable

ChiroDoc Memory Foam UltraCool Cushion


This is seat cushion did a excellent job at alleviating the pain in my lower back while sitting on my office chair for long hours. It’s very comfortable to sit and the design is perfect fit for my bottom and thigh. The padding is just right, thick enough and soft enough to provide comfort, but not so soft that it becomes flat.


Sitting in it after a few hours have really helped the discomfort I feel in my spine and lower back. If you have a hard office chair like I do, this cushion is the perfect solution. Overall this worked really well for me and made of quality material that helps keep your bottom cool during long hours. It is extremely comfortable. I highly would recommend this. I very happy with this cushion.

Sample item was provided for review and evaluation.

Brewberry Stainless Steel Premium Wireless Automatic Milk Frother

Brewberry Stainless Steel Premium Wireless Automatic Milk Frother and Heater is a beautiful frother that looks sleek and stunning on your kitchen counter top. It is user friendly, automatic and best of all, portable.



I love making Matcha Lattes in the morning with either coconut milk, hemp milk  or almond milk and this amazing little gem does exactly what it says it will do. I find that it does a wonderful job frothing non-dairy milk. This creates perfect heavenly lattes that brings joy to my day and a smile to my face.


This is a very well made and excellent quality milk frother. It heats up perfectly each time and makes everything rich, foamy and smooth. Cleaning this unit is a breeze and very simple.

What  more can I say, I am really impressed with this product. Not only does it look handsome, it works well,  easy to use and makes my mornings feel more luxurious and zen with my delicious matcha lattes. This one is a keeper and I highly recommend.

Sample item was provided at a discount for review and evaluation.