Liquid Gut Love

Tonight I tried a new supplement that I have never tried before. Pro EM-1 Probiotic, Pro EM-1 is a fermented liquid probiotic made with organic ingredients and naturally-occurring microorganisms. I took the recommended daily dosage which is 1 tablespoon. The taste was a slight bit tart and smooth. It reminded me of cranberry juice. I actually liked the taste. I love anything fermented and tart.
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Liquid supplements are amazing because sometimes when you take too many supplements in the form of capsules or tablets, it is a nice break plus it goes down easier.
So what is EM-1 you ask? Pro EM-1 is made in the USA, using a Japanese technology known as “Effective Microorganisms (EM) Technology. EM Technology was developed over 30 years ago and is in use in over 100 countries. Pro EM•1 ® Probiotic is made from Dr. Higa’s EM Technology® formulations, which have been at the forefront of the beneficial bacteria industry since the 1980’s.

PRO EM-1 ® naturally balances the good bacteria in your digestive tract with its unique ecosystem support of over 1 million colony forming units (cfu) per ml (cc)
PRO EM-1® daily probiotic cleanse naturally balances the good bacteria in your digestive tract with its unique ecosystem support of over 1 million colony forming units (cfu) per ml (cc)
Six different “microflora” live and work in PRO EM-1® to support your gut health
PRO EM-1® unique formula can aid in digestion, support weight loss, boost your immune system and promote overall, holistic health
Dr. Higa’s unique proven EM Technology® formula – naturally improves the health of the earth, crops, animals and humans alike. No other Probiotic can make this claim!
NO refrigeration necessary – today most of the finest probiotics require refrigeration, but PRO EM-1® is fermented in its natural state at normal temperatures – this makes it easy for travel or to transport with you daily
2004-2T (1)
100% wheat, gluten, GMO, dairy and soy free
Safe for those with diabetes and sugar concerns – the colonies digest the natural honey and molasses during the fermentation process
PRO EM-1® is fermented, not freeze dried. This means ALL the microbes are in their natural state, live and active in the bottle, and ready for immediate action in your body.

PRO EM-1 really made my gut feel instantly better after I had dinner tonight, there
was no bloating or uncomfortable full feeling. My stomach just felt calm and at ease.
I really love this liquid probiotic and look forward to keeping my body in top optimal health from all PRO EM-1® health benefits

Visit their webpage for my information


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