UpNature Neem Oil is Amazing!

young-neem-tree1What Is Neem?

Neem is also known as azadirachta indica, Neem leaves have been used for millennia in the Ayurvedic tradition as a sort of miracle cure-all.
The Neem Tree is an Ayurveda evergreen tree that is part of the mahogany family and is a common feature of the drier regions of India, Southeast Asia and parts of Africa. Neem bark, leaves, fruit, seeds and oils all contain medicinal qualities. Many of these qualities play an important role in healthy skin care. Scientific studies have shown Neem to have properties that are:

◥◣ Antiviral – inhibits the growth of viruses
◥◣ Anti-fungal – inhibits the growth of fungi
◥◣ Antibacterial – destroying the growth of bacteria
◥◣ Analgesic – providing pain relief
◥◣ Anti-inflammatory – reduce certain signs of inflammation, swelling or        tenderness
◥◣ Antimicrobial – destroying the growth of microorganisms

UpNature has created a very amazing high quality 100% Cold Pressed Pure Raw Neem Oil that delivers phenomenal benefits to the skin and body.


If you have not used Neem Oil before be warned, this stuff has a strong smell that might turn you off upon first scent. To me the steller healing prpoperties of Neem Oil outweighs the fact that it does not smell like a bucket of roses. It smells like a combination of coffee, expresso beans, dark chocolate and a little bit of garlic. Nutty and earthy all at once.

UpNature’s Neem is a nice thick consistency that absorbs into the skin instantly. It is rich and smooth and the second it touches your skin, you can feel Neem’s healing properties go to work. This is very excellent Neem Oil made with quality and care.

Here are some ways you can use Neem Oil at home:

1) Moisturize dry, itchy skin—Neem oil can alleviate the cold, dry effects of winter by acting as a moisturizer (without becoming greasy).

2) Treat acne and reduce breakouts—Neem oil reduces the amount of bacteria on the skin. Over time, this improves the appearance of acne-prone skin—and without drugs or antibiotics! A boon for holiday-related breakouts!

3) Keep skin smooth and useful—Neem oil contains antioxidants, carotenoids and essential fatty acids (like Omega-3s and Omega-9s), which can diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


I like to mix my own Neem Oil blend

1 oz Avocado Oil

a few drops of Neem Oil

3 drops of Lavender essential oil

2 drops of Ginger Root essential oil

I put a few drops  of this onto my toothbrush along with some toothpaste

and use it to detoxify my mouth and it leaves my teeth, gums extremely clean. It will improve gum health and prevent cavities. Neem Oil is amazing for oral care. I also do Oil Pulling with Coconut & Neem oil infused with peppermint and lavender once a week. It leaves your mouth insanely clean!


You can find UpNature Neem Oil on Amazon



Sometimes the holidays can be hectic and stressful and it’s always nice to have a little zen peaceful me time at home. This Spa Home Facial Steamer is the perfect thing to take you to that relaxing place.
This unique and neat device combines gently steaming your face along with the use of aromatherapy essential oils of your choice. Including in the box was a complimentary bottle of Frankincense and Myrrh essential oil which I thought was a nice and thoughtful gesture especially if you have never used essential oils and don’t have any at home.


This was very easy to assemble and user friendly, and in just a few minutes steam was soft and steadily coming out of the machine. I had my mode on high although you can set it to low if you wish. The oil smelled wonderful and after a few minutes of steaming I was feeling super tranquil and relaxed as my pores were opening and the steam was enveloping around my face. I felt like I was in a sauna room. It was very nice. I also had relaxing mediation music playing and candles burning so the ambiance was very zen and spa-like.

My roommate gets congested quite often especially in the winter time so this steamer will really benefit his health and really help him. I really think this is a great device to use when you need a quick essential oils fix. I can see having a headache and turning this gizmo on, throwing some peppermint, rosemary, lavender in and getting rid of that migraine quickly!

This steamer does the job very well, easy to use and will leave your skin and complexion glowing and feeling so soft. A perfect holiday gift for your mom or sister!

054f36889d7c8a157a8746f54b3f667fbe0e70c3Available on Amazon.

RAVPower Most Potent 26800mAh Portable Charger

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This is a superb charger that looks sleek, modern and handsome. It is slightly heavy so if you do tote it in your backpack, make sure your not carrying other things that are too heavy. I like how easy it was to plug my devices in and BOOM the thing starts charging immediately. I plan to take this to a huge EDM music festival this weekend where my cell always dies early on in the evening on the dance floor and the charging stations are always filled and packed. This will definitely keep the juice flowing. I can imagine this would be great for massive music festivals like Coachella next summer.

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PROS – I charged my iPhone and my roommate’s phone twice today and it did not even put a dent in the power. It charges really fast. Love the sleek design. The LED indicator is perfect.
CONS – It is just a tad bit heavy but that is okay, knowing that this will give me juice if I was stranded somewhere gives me great peace of mind.

This is an amazing device and would make a great holiday gift for Dad or your brothers.

Midori Springs Matcha

1fb1c392-36c0-418c-b428-6ebaf50f3ddaWhen I got this tea, I was really excited to introduce my mom to the wonderful universe of matcha green tea, so I was saving this for the past few weeks until I got a chance to visit her. It was really hard not to open it up as the design on the canister was very inviting. My mom was really excited to try it also and let me tell you she was not disappointed.


We both loved the full bodied delicate sweet swirls of green goodness that made our taste buds really happy. The taste and quality was present in this matcha tea, it was really delicious and my mom was in love with matcha upon her first sip. She loved that it did not leave any bitter after taste. We both agreed it had a really nice clean earthy taste to it. My mom also loves anything with high antioxidants and boy does matcha deliver on that level.

matcha (1)

Bottom Line – Exceptional quality matcha with a smooth and delicate delicious flavor. It’s extremely fresh smelling and tasting. It gave me tremendous clean calm energy without jitters all day long.
This works well drinking it ceremonial style or you can make a yummy smoothie also. My mom really loved it and is now officially hooked on matcha. She is going to purchase from this brand.


MATCHA GREEN TEA Powder By Born In Nature

I love Matcha Green Tea, all day, everyday. I am so obsessed and addicted to Matcha. I love it because of the way it makes me feel. Amazing energy, super calm and balanced. I can get through my day without any ups and downs that coffee normally gives me. It’s a smooth ride that helps me get everything accomplished and keeps me focused.


This matcha has a really smooth and slightly lingering sweetness that awakens your taste buds in a subtle way. It is not bitter, has a earthy clean delicate taste to it with a long finish. This matcha has a bright electric green color that indicates this is premium high quality matcha. The scent and aroma is fresh and inviting and vegetal. After whisking this into a frothy state and taking one sip, this matcha definitely taste amazing.

Bottom Line: By know I am sure you have heard all the amazing benefits that matcha has to offer including being high in antioxidants, enhancing your immune system, giving you balanced clean energy and focus. This helps me maintain my balance and my health in the best possible way.
I love the taste, the quality is excellent and a little of this powder goes along way,. I highly recommend it.

Abundant Greens – Raw Organic Superfood Powder


I am in love with this green powder! It is so yummy tasting. Very subtle, smooth and extremely clean tasting. I have tried other green powders, some that I have really loved but none comes close to this pleasant tasting mix of green super foods. It almost tasted like drinking a nice light earthy green tea blend. I would recommend this to people that are afraid of green tasting stuff.

The ingredients & benefits are amazing:

Organic Chlorella and Organic Spirulina helps detoxify, quiet inflammation, and activate cell renewal.
Moringa Leaf is rich in amino acids & high in antioxidant activity.
Organic Wheatgrass is also a powerful detoxifier, especially of the liver and blood.
Organic Alfalfa: literally means “father of all foods” and has the highest chlorophyll content of any known plant.
Organic Barley Grass & Organic Green Stevia – the whole lea are loaded with antioxidants.


This powder is beyond healthy and makes me feel super balanced and energetic all day. It gives me a clean detoxifying feeling
after I drink it. I love the tastes, the quality and the texture. The health benefits are marvelous. I find this would be perfect for smoothies and
even subtle enough for cooking. I might try this in a butternut squash soup this week. I love this powder!

Lift Care Lemon Essential Oil

f6010d68-a362-4cbc-9a99-7c924917b1bbUsing this lemon oil has brought such joy to my place. It smells so delicious and divine. This high concentrate of lemon oil is energizing and help to uplift the spirits. When I am working on a project and need to focus and stay balanced I love having this scent linger and dance around my room. I used this in one of my favorite invigorating blends:

2 drops of Rosemary Oil
5 drops of Lemon Oil
2 drops of Peppermint Oil

These three essential oils work in synergy to create such a heavenly and happy scent that puts me in such a creative and content mood.
The benefits of lemon oil are astounding and this super powerful and potent oil can be used in so many different ways to benefit your household and health. I love cleaning my bathroom with lemon oil and a blend I use for cleaning my toilet area is

5 drops of lemon oil
5 drops of peppermint
1 cup of water

I spray this around the toilet area to kill all the germs and keep everything sparkly clean. It’s awesome to clean my place without the use of harmful chemicals.

Bottom line:

This lemon oil is super strong, smells fantastic and does the job with so many benefits!
It smells heavenly in a diffuser and creates a uplifting mood. Very high quality essential oil that I would
recommend to everyone.