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My latest obsession comes in the form of this beautiful, elegant and futuristic Water Bottle from KOR an amazing company that prides themselves in creating the world’s most stylish, functional personal hydration products. Stylish indeed, their Delta BPA FREE Water Bottle is one sexy sleek gorgeous bottle. It almost begs for you to touch it, feel it and hold it. With a super easy to grip handle on top that your index finger can curl and lock around with gentle ease, the Delta bottle is lightweight, easy to hold & amazingly beautiful. It embodies the word CLEAN on every level.


Drinking my alkaline water from this bottle not only feels amazing but the water taste really good. It does not have that funky water bottle taste you get from other bottles. The rim where you drink from is perfect and has a great mouth feel.

Made from durable and beautifully clear BPA-free Eastman Tritan copolyester; circular base allows it conveniently fit in cup holders

No-Worry Cap swivels open and stays out of your way while you drink; safety latch on the cap prevents the bottle from being accidentally opened

Exclusive threadless Perfect Spout that feels great on your lips; large enough for chugging and ice cubes, small enough to minimize splashes

Cap removes completely for easier cleaning and filling; includes 2 waterproof KOR Stones to place an inspirational message inside cap

Circular base allows the Delta to conveniently fit in cup holders
Cap is completely removable for easy cleaning and filling

Safety latch on the cap prevents the bottle from being accidentally opened

This is absolutely my new favorite water bottle and it will keep me from drinking out of toxic plastic water bottles forever. I love their clean designed website and I am also impressed with their other gorgeous water bottles.


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