Horologe Alarm Clock Radio


The Horologe AM/FM Clock Radio is tried and true for starting your day just when you want.
Set the alarm to buzzer or AM/FM Radio. Hit the Snooze as you choose or set the Sleep feature anytime to gently fall asleep while listening to music.
Easy-to-read red LED display and AC power with battery back up for reliable alarm setting make this an even better alarm clock.

Digital AM/FM Radio With Station Memory
-Digital AM/FM radio station memory for up to 10AM and 10FM stations different stations, and digital tuning provides easy access to each station.

Dual Alarms And Snooze Function
-The dual alarms allow to set two separate wake times to wake or remind you and your partner at different time. Optional wake to radio or buzzer.
-The snooze function to let you catch a little extra shuteye , Snooze repeat every 9 minutes.

Sleep Timer
-Fall asleep to the radio using the programmable sleep timer.
-The sleep timer duration is 10-90 minutes.

Battery Backup
-Backup battery to save your clock and alarm setting case of power failure, ensuring that the time is always accurate, and the alarms will sound at the appointed time.


Product Specifications
-Clock:12 hour system
-Product dimension : 4.5*3.5*1.8 Inch
-Product Weight: 13.4 oz
-Power Supply: AC120V-60Hz US Standard Plug
-Backup : 2*1.5v AAA Battery (not included)
-Radio Frequency: FM87.5-108MHZ

sample provided for test and evaluation



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