Vitamin B12 Methylcobalamin Oral Spray by InMed Technologies


I would recommend this B12 to anyone who needs extra energy or has a B12 vitamin deficiency.It also is very pleasant tasting and easy to use and carry with you everywhere you go. Two quick sprays under the tongue and you are good to go.

This B-12 is wonderful in providing balance, energy and focus to my mind and body. Methyl B-12 is an important co-enzyme is circadian rhythm, neuropathy, remyelination, homocysteine recycling, memory and general nerve protection.


Ever since I have been using this B-12 Spray, I have noticed an immediate increase in my energy levels. I suffer from fatigue due to a thyroid issue and this has helped me tremendously. This helps me keep going throughout the day when I’m on the run and need to keep going.

This is a wonderful product that is excellent in quality. It brings me a healthy clarity that my body needs on a daily basis. I love this natural energy booster and the benefits it provides. I highly recommend it!

Sample provided for test and evaluation


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