Stainless Steel Electric Kettle by Willow & Everett

unnamed (1)

This is a beautiful, attractive, modern electric kettle that looks extremely handsome on any kitchen counter top. It is not only stainless steel but very stylish with it’s goose neck spout.

The main reason I wanted this electric kettle was to be able to make matcha tea in the morning. As such, this kettle seems to be just what I needed. The hot water temperature is perfect.

The kettle heats up water very fast and the lever that you press down (below the handle) clicks when it releases and has an auto shut off when it’s done. It gives you a peace of mind if you happen to leave the room or answer a important phone call.

unnamed (2)

The goose-neck spout is perfectly designed for on point pouring because the water comes out slow enough and without spilling. The lid fits on very tightly, so I am definitely not worried about it coming off while pouring.

The base is very nice, I like how the kettle detaches from the base which provides the power for the unit. No cord to have to worry about. when picking it up and pouring.

Overall this is a stunning kettle that would make a perfect housewarming gift for a loved one or friends.

I highly recommend this kettle to others because it heats quickly, pours beautifully and accurately. Beautiful and simply amazing!

Sample provided for test evaluation and review


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