Cariloha Bamboo Pillows The Best & Most Comfortable Pillow Ever


Expand your bedding set with our one-of-a-kind, luxuriously soft bamboo pillows. With an interior and exterior made entirely of viscose from bamboo, you’ll rest your head on complete bamboo comfort. The nature of the bamboo fibers makes it possible for the pillows filling to stay put, so you’ll have less fluffing and enhanced comfort. Being made from one of the most sustainable resources on the planet, you’ll never want to cozy up to anything other than bamboo. The best bamboo pillow in both Standard and King sizes.


Pillows sold individually and dry clean only.SOFT: The luxurious softness and comfortable composition of Cariloha’s bamboo pillow is one of a kind. With both the interior and exterior filling being made of viscose from bamboo, it provides the perfect combination of comfort and softness.
COOL: Cariloha pillows are made from lightweight, breathable bamboo viscose, which is 3 degrees cooler than cotton and twice as soft. Sweat less and stay cooler with these moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating pillows.

CLEAN: With odor and allergy-resistant properties, Cariloha pillows smell fresher and last longer than cotton-only pillows. All viscose-from-bamboo pillows are easy to care for and stay firm after dry cleaning.

GREEN: Bamboo is one of the most sustainable, renewable resources on the planet. Our viscose-from-bamboo fabrics are manufactured according to strict safety and environmental standards, allowing us to produce high-quality bamboo products in an eco-conscious manner.

Sample item was provided at a discount for review and evaluation.


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