ChillaX Air Mattress – Inflatable Lounge


This ChillaX Air Mattress is such a easy and fun way to relax in a comfy way. It makes the laziest of days feel so zen as you grab a book, iPad, and just lay back and melt your stress away on this cloud like air lounger.

It is super lightweight and compact to travel with. It comes with a cool carry bag that you can easily tote to the beach or park with. It beats just throwing a towel down on the grass and laying on it. This thing looks like a giant comfortable marshmallow cloud. Ahhhhhh dreamy!


This is made of high quality and super durable nylon that supports your body and feels comfortable against your skin. Inflating this is easy peasy, if you are outdoors and it’s a windy day, this inflates in a matter of seconds. If you are inside and have an air condition vent or fan, this will also inflate easily.


The trick is tying and twisting the ends tight and trapping the air inside each chamber to make your air longer firm to lay on. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes really simple and the bag fills right upI am really impressed with how strong and durable the outer layer feels. This works great in the pool, backyard or any grassy area. It is definitely something you use to lounge and just relax in. I have used it in front of the telly to watch movies and found it to be super comfortable. Not sure if I could sleep in this because I usually like a firm mattress for slumber but this is great for decompressing in.

I chose the white color and love it because it has a super futuristic feel to it. I look forward to bringing this up to the mountains and camping with it this summer. Excellent and fun product!

Sample item was provided for review and evaluation.


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