Two-sided Vanity Mirror by Oak Leaf

This mirror is just the perfect size for my vanity and I didn’t have to rearrange everything to make room for it. The stand allows for hands free use, but it is small enough to be handheld also. It looks good with a nice chrome looking finish and with 5x magnification. This is an elegant, modern and very beautiful two sided vanity mirror. I really like how solid it is. This mirror does not feel flimsy at all.


This mirror is perfect for cleaning your pores, plucking your eyebrows and applying moisturizer on your face. It really helps me located all the bad stuff on my skin that I need to remove. This vanity mirror does not look or feel cheap. It has a really good weight to it and feels superior and high quality. I really love it and it’s something I can definitely recommend. Oak Leaf has delivered a stellar product.

• Elegant collection
• 5x Magnification on one side
• Hand polished finish creates a timeless style
• Table mirror design adds elegance to your space
• Base material is made of Solid Brass construction and will provide long lasting durability
• Shape: Circular
• Adjustable


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