Chef’s Secret Non-Stick Aluminum Indoor Stovetop Grill with Stainless Steel Base


I love this stove top grill by Chef Secret. It is the perfect means to grill your meats and vegetables without having to go outside. It is made of a strong non-stick aluminum material, so clean up is a cinch. When I cooked a couple of burgers on this grill last night, I thought there would be a lot of smoke.

The trick is you keep the bottom rim filled with water, and there will be no smoke. If you let it dry out there it will cause the bottom rim to smoke. I was very pleased to see the the fat and juices go into the bottom rim and not the stove.

The burger tasted like it was cooked outdoors on a grill and it was very flavorful & juicy. I would recommend this grill as a perfect gift to someone who loves the taste of BBQ Grilling.

Sample item was provided for review and evaluation.


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