This review is for PriMiracle Natural Hand and Body Lotion with Aloe Vera, Sunflower and Jojoba.

I have to say, I absolutely LOVE the feel of this lotion. My skin feels rejuvenated and moisturized after using it. I live in a dry climate and this lotions is exceptional! Goes on think but does not leave a greasy layer. Absorbs quite quickly and evenly. It feels luxurious and rich without being too heavy. The ingredients are stellar and includes aloe vera, sunflower, shea butter and jojoba oil  and contain no sulfates, parabens or harsh chemicals. I also love the light refreshing CLEAN scent of this lotion even though it is scent free, It just smells clean period.

Another thing I love about this lotion is how thick it is, it doesn’t slide off your hand or even move when you squirt some into your hand. It stays put, you can even turn your hand upside down and it still stays put. Its thick, creamy texture goes on your skin smooth and leaves it feeling soft and refreshed. There’s no sticky or greasy residue left behind after applying it either, so you can get dressed right over it right away.

In a matter of days after using this my dry, cracked, rough, itchy skin was smoother, softer, and overall looked a lot better and healthier. I am really happy with this and cannot recommend it enough.

Sample item was provided for review and evaluation.


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