Collapsible Kitchen Colander – Over the Sink Kitchen Strainer By Comfify

This Collapsible Kitchen Colander by Comfify is absolutely my favorite must own in every kitchen tool! It has made my life so much easier, considering I cook with vegetables daily. It expands to fit above your sink, so you don’t have to clean out your sink before you use it.


I also, love it because it is collapsible, so it’s a space saver. It sits sturdily over the sink so I can focus on pouring the hot food through it. It is truly dishwasher safe and gets clean even folded in the dishwasher. I have used it for pasta noodles and I love that the noodles don’t touch the sink.


Using this over the sink colander is easy peasy and clean up is a breeze also. I have used this with everything from fresh green beans, cleaned berries, drained pasta. It truly is the best thing ever and I am super happy with this product. My mom wants one and so does my aunt. These would make excellent gifts! Can’t recommend this product enough.

Sample provided for test evaluation and review


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