Moscow Mule 100 % Pure Copper Mug by Gear Ultimate

044d1836-4716-4f71-a83e-bb7a42f5e200.jpgThis is a beautifully crafted and elegant copper mug. I recently started becoming addicted to drinking these damn delicious tasting Moscow Mules. To be honest, I rarely drink but these mules are so tasty and refreshing, My obsession with them burn bright! Once a week, I gather all the simple ingredients to make Moscow Mules, the ginger beer, the lime, vodka, ice and of course you gotta have the gorgeous traditional copper mug.

I LOVE this mug, it has a beautiful shine and it’s smooth. They are very sturdy, especially the handle. The cup is made of solid copper and feels perfect while you hold it. It is lightweight yet heavy duty. I love drinking my Moscow Mules at night then in the morning to cure my hangover I drink Kombucha tea in the same mug. Detox to Retox! Overall, this is an awesome cup, 100% copper, great quality and beautifully designed. I am over the moon with it!

Sample provided for test evaluation and review–sxb1DF5NGR


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