Easy@Home Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor


This Digital Wrist Monitor by Easy@Home is designed with intuitive technology to give you precise and accurate readings. It is a lightweight and compact model that does not feel heavy and is simple and modern in it’s design. The LCD is a good size with time, date, systolic pressure and diastolic pressure and pulse being the most useful pieces of information.  I found the cuff to be extremely comfortable and easy to read with very accurate results compared to my doctor’s readings. What I like about this blood pressure monitor is that it is so easy to use.

Just pull one sleeve up to expose a wrist, wrap the cuff around your wrist, push the button and measure, it is simple as that.

  • Holds up to 60 readings with detailed time stamps. Intelligently calculates the average of your last three readings and displays them in the memory. 
  • Comfort Fit Cuff: Comfortable and stress less Cuff size (5.31-8.46 inch) with Over-pressure protection. Easy to carry compact and No-Wire design. Carry Case and 2XAAA Batteries are included.
  • Advanced 5 Level Blood Pressure Classification and Irregular Heartbeat (arrhythmia) Indicator alert; Large Backlit LCD display shows Systolic blood pressure, Diastolic blood pressure and Pulse Rate.


Overall I think it’s a very useful portable device that works  flawlessly, easily and accurately. It is easy to travel with and lightweight. Readout is easy to read and understand. Love that it is compact and has a case to store it in.  I highly recommend this to those who need to check their blood pressure regularly.

Sample provided for test evaluation and review




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