Expandable Hose with 9-Settings Hose Nozzle & Hose Holder

unnamed (2).jpg

What can I say about this expandable garden hose but AMAZING!!! It exceeded my expectations and left me feeling impressed and happy. I had previous bought a expandable hose at Home Depot and had to return it because it broke after a few uses. As soon as I got this hose, I took it out for a test run and so far, so good. It’s really light weight and easy to move around and made watering my garden / backyard a pleasure. I have a feeling this hose is going to last me quite a while.

The quality of it is superb and excellent. The inner hose is made of from new inner tube materials manufactured by leading American Company to help prevent leaks or burst problems. You can feel it as you hold the hose how strong the inner and external materials are. The outside is made from the strongest exterior fabric (600D*600D) available in market which makes it more durable than other hoses.


Overall I am happy with this hose. The 9 setting spray nozzle that comes with this hose is also very functional and useful. I also love that this comes with a strong metal hose holder that keeps this hose compact nicely. This hose is easy to wrap up and store. I cannot recommend this product enough.

Sample item was provided at a discount for review and evaluation.




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