Biome Plus


– Fortify your gut microbiome!

– Ultra-potent 50 Billion CFUs!

– 10 Clinically Validated Strains Plus Prebiotic!

These Biome Plus Probiotics have been keeping my gut healthy for the past several weeks. My health feels stronger and my immune system feels supercharged. Probiotics are important to human health. They’re the naturally-occuring bacteria, the “good bacteria” that grow in your ddigestive system. Poor diet, some medicines, and illnesses can all destroy your friendly bacteria, wreaking havoc on your digestive system. There are also studies showing that a reduced bacteria count can weaken your immune system, making this a wonderful supplement for anyone wishing to stay healthy.

I take one of these twice daily before each meal. They really help my digestion and if I miss a day, I feel my energy levels becoming lethargic. This is a potent and powerful blend of Probiotic Blend (50+ billion CFUs) and my gut feels fantastic after each meal instead of feeling bloated and uneasy. Overall my My stomach is happier, my body is happier and I am happier now that I have more energy! These are one of the better probiotic supplements I have taken lately and I will continue to take them. Very satisfied.

Sample provided for test evaluation and review


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