NewAir Hot & Cold Dispenser & Water Filtration Bottle Filter

NewAir WAT10W Pure Spring Water Filtration Bottle Filter


I live upstairs in a condo unit and I normally have to carry a few 5 gallon water bottles from my car up to my door and let me tell you, it is a long walk. Having this Pure Spring Water Filtration Bottle Filter that fits perfectly over my water cooler has eliminated the heavy lugging and hassle. Imagine a Brita pitcher, but much bigger that fits over your water dispenser. The set up for this filter was easy peasy and the filter bottle is made from non toxic plastic that is 100% BPA-Free. It is so user friendly and simple to operate. You lift the lid and fill with our tap water. It filters the water and works wonderfully.



The water tastes pure, clean and refreshing after it’s been filtered and that is what impressed me the most. I love that we no longer have to carry heavy water up the stairs. It is much more beneficial for your body and health to not have to do all that heavy carrying.

My roommate just recently had surgery for his hernia so having this water filter has been a nice blessing. You literally just have to walk from your kitchen to wherever your dispenser is to fill up the filter bottle. Bam! Your done. The instruction manual to use this is very user friendly and easy to follow. After 211 gallons of water, you will need to change / replace the filter. That’s allot of water to keep yourself hydrated in the meantime.

Bottom line – Very awesome water filtration system to have in your household, helps you save money. The water it filters tastes delicious and you don’t have to worry about carrying heavy bottles anymore. Great way to save money and enjoy decent water. Just keep the filter changed and the dispenser cleaned on a regular basis.

Sample provided for test evaluation and review


NewAir WAT20W Pure Spring BPA Free Hot/Cold Water Dispenser, White


This is a beautiful, modern and super stylish Hot and Cold water dispenser. I love how sleek and elegant it looks as oppose to some of these other cheap looking models. This is a attractive addition to any corner in your house / apartment. I found a corner in my condo to place it and it looks really nice. This water dispenser is very well built and designed. I love that it is BPA free constructed from top to bottom. Having non toxic items in our household is very important.


This unit was very easy to put together and operate. The dispenser is very sturdy and does not wobble or move once placed. There is a nice storage area below where you can store any extra stuff you may like, tea bags, coffee, etc. I love using the hot water ( which has a child proof safety latch ) for my Matcha tea in the morning.


This dispenser produces perfectly hot water that is not boiling or scalding for my matcha tea. I am not suppose to use boiling water for my matcha because it will burn the tea leaves and affect the taste. This dispenser’s hot water temperature makes a perfect cup of matcha every morning. The cold is very cold and the temperature is very nicely chilled.

The buttons are easy to press and you don’t have to press down hard. Just a soft gentle push will dispense your water for you.


Also need to note that there is not weird plastic taste you sometimes get from water dispensers. The water comes out tasting pure, fresh and clean.

The water dispenses pretty quickly and efficiently so you don’t end up standing there forever. I love that this unit does not make noise and is very quiet. It is also energy efficient and will keep your electric bill low each month.

What I like –

• Beautiful, sleek and attractive design
• BPA Free and Non Toxic Construction
• Easy to push buttons to dispense water
• Hot and Cold water temperatures
• Extremely quiet
• Extra storage space at the bottom

Sample provided for test evaluation and review




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