La-Chef BBQ Grill Mat


These grill mats work really well and have helped me grill my vegetables perfectly. I really like that I can put my vegetables ( bell pepper, zucchini, cauliflower, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms ) straight on the mat while it is on the grill instead of using skewers. I can go all teppanyaki style on the grill and not worry about having veggies or shrimp fall through the racks. The veggies come out so perfectly without being mushy or burnt.


The flavor that these mats create while cooking veggies and meat on them is simply delicious.You don’t have to worry about your marinate dripping down while putting it on your meat you are cooking making the food more flavorful and juicy. Making burgers on these mats is just delightful and the burgers end up tasting SO AMAZING!


The product is super lightweight and flexible. Cleaning up the mats is such a breeze. It was easier then anticipated. The extra baking mat is an added bonus and I will use that for making cookies and baking salmon in the oven. These mats are such a pleasure to cook with and makes the job so much easier. I am really happy with these mats and will be putting them to good use this summer for all my BBQ parties.

This set of 4 comes with:

• Grill Mat- 16″ x 13″X0.01″


• 1 Grill Mesh- 16″ x 13″X0.033 for Grill and Oven

• 1 Baking Mat-16″ x 13″X 0.003 for Oven

• All mats made from PTFE coated fabric (PFOA Free – FDA approval)

Sample provided for test evaluation and review


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