Keeva 8 Bath Bombs Gift Set – Best Ultra Lush 4.0


This bath bomb set by KEEVA is just plain gorgeous. When you open the box, the colors and amazing scent envelope your senses and you immediately feel happy. It is a beautiful gift box. Perfect for anyone, mother’s, your sister, best friend, grandmother, co-worker etc. The design and presentation of the bath bombs in this set is stunning and resplendent.


At the end of the day, we all deserve to indulge and pamper ourselves although we rarely do because of our hectic and busy lifestyles. Each bath bomb will simply give you an escape to decompress and be ZEN. They smell AMAZING!!!! There are eight bath bombs in this luxurious gift box and they include:

• Lavender. It’s one of the most popular essential oils for a reason. This natural, calming beautiful flower will leave you feeling impeccable inside and out. It calms, soothes, de-stresses, relaxes nervous system, eases the mind, and acts as a natural sleep aid.

• Jasmine. Take your own magic carpet ride with this Jasmine bath bomb. Benefits: exotic, floral fragrance that relaxes, soothes, uplifts, enhances romantic energy.

• Sandalwood. Reduces blood pressure, helps with scars, antiseptic, relief from inflammation, boost immunity, tightens skin, improves concentration.

• Vanilla. The popular flavor in desserts actually has secretive powers. It’s an Antioxidant, Aphrodisiac, Antidepressant, Natural Relaxing

• Grapefruit. The vibrant of citrus in your bathtub. Stimulates senses, Boosts energy, Supports healthy metabolism.

• Eucalyptus. Escape to Australia, the only true source of Eucalyptus. Breathe easier with this respiratory aid and come out squeaky clean with this powerful antiseptic. Ease your pain and relax your muscles

• Shea Butter. Bathe in the ultimate skin moisturizing experience. Reduces aging, wrinkles, and come out of the tub soft as a baby’s bottom.

•  Rose. It takes 60,000 roses to make 1 oz of rose oil. Imagine 60,000 roses in your tub surrounding your skin while you bathe in the oil most known for balance moisture levels in the skin while uplifting your mood.


These bath bombs are huge and dropping one of these beauties in the tub provided a really nice relaxing fizz filled with an amazing heavenly scent. It is TRULY bliss. I find sitting in the bathtub with nice relaxing music put me in such a mediation state of mind. All my stress melted away from my mind and body. I was in relaxation nirvana.

The eight bath bombs all smell divine but I must say my two favorites are Jasmine and Sandalwood. They smell exquisite, lush and so relaxing. These bath bombs are made of organic, non-GMO, gluten free ingredients. Do yourself a favor. Pamper yourself with these bath bombs. Take some time to maintain balance in your life and give yourself a proper zen bath spa experience that will rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. These are just wonderful and I love them.

Sample provided for test evaluation and review







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