Unique Heat Portable Infrared Space Heater



This is one amazing space heater. Over the winter I actually tried out a few space heaters because living in desert can get pretty chilly at night. The space heaters I tried out were disappointing to say the least.  Some were too noisy, others did not provide adequate heat or the unit blasted way too much uncomfortable heat out causing the room to become way too muggy and hot.

Unique Heat uses infrared technology to keep the air feeling perfectly moist and prevents it from becoming too dry resulting in comfortable soothing heat that feels good on your skin and body. This space heater is heavy duty but also looks really sleek, modern and zen. It is really easy to carry and transport without feeling overtly heavy. I love the design of this unit. It is really attractive and looks futuristic and retro at the same time.

I love how easy this unit is to operate. It is very user friendly and with the touch of a few buttons you change it to the settings of your preference. It is equipped with 3 temperature setting scales. (1-20, Fahrenheit and Celsius ) There is also an Auto On / Off timer. This unit heats my 1000 sq foot living area nicely. I really loved the way the heat blew out of this heater smoothly. It felt right and perfect almost. It heats the room to the right temperature quickly and maintains the temperature. Out of all the space heaters, this one distributed the best heat without being too noisy. You can watch TV or relax and read without it being too disruptive or distracting. 

Overall I feel it’s hard to find the perfect space heater these days but I was pleasantly happy with this one. It is a keeper. Even though the warm months are upon us, knowing this top of the line quality space heater will provide me with warmth and comfort next winter gives me a wonderful peace of mind. I am very happy with this unit. It’s an excellent product.

Sample provided for test evaluation and review







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