Smart Shower Filter Shower Head is a REINVIGORATING experience


This Smart Shower Filter shower head is truly a reinvigorating experience. The water pressure is perfection and wakes my senses up completely when I step into the shower. It comes down as a soft gentle spray against my face and skin and it feels amazing. It is a beautiful shower head that is nicely designed and feels very modern. The pressure is great for aches, neck pains or any soreness you have on your body. I pulled a muscle in my neck working out and for two days I was in severe pain. This shower head helped immensely in that area.

• Great pressure
• Built in water purification minerals that soften the water
• Clear design allows you to see when the inside needs cleaned
• Thicker plastic feels much more durable than the thin plated plastic you typically see on shower heads
• Comes apart at 3 different points to allow easy cleaning
• Makes your skin feels super smooth and healthy

None for now.

Overall: This is an amazing shower head! The size is just perfect, the water flows great and I just can’t believe how nice and soft my skin and hair feels since using this product. Highly recommend! I look forward to taking a shower every day with this shower head.

Sample item was provided at a discount for review and evaluation.



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