Pyoure Cleaning

65b260f7-8913-4f75-92de-785d618020b5Developed by a self proclaimed health-conscious germaphobe, Pyoure is the most unique cleaning product on the market. Pyoure’s unique blend of powerful organic surfactants quickly and easily dissolves grease, grime, and filth, while the premium scents are reminiscent of exquisite and aromatic designer candles.

Pyoure redefines cleaning efficiency and safely. Pyoure’s capital ingredient and cleaning agent is hydrogen peroxide, which acts as an active all-purpose cleaner. Hydrogen peroxide was carefully chosen because of its strong antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral qualities, which also kills mold and mildew. Hydrogen peroxide also contains strong bleaching properties. Hydrogen peroxide breaks down instantly and safely into oxygen and water once it’s finished killing germs.


I was recently sent a bottle of Pyoure’s Cool Citrus Mint which propelled me into total spring cleaning mode. I mixed 1 part of Pyoure to 4 equal parts water. The clean refreshing scent immediately hit my senses and let me tell you. IT SMELLED SOOOOOOO GOOD!!! I have been reading and learning these days about toxic stuff from food to candles and now cleaning supplies. It is such a wonderful and positive change to throw out my old toxic cleaners and use this amazing non toxic cleaner. I started right away in the kitchen and OMG I noticed how this quickly made all the dirt and grime disappear. All the food spots were gone instantly as I sprayed and wiped with this cleaner.  I then used it to clean the floor and all over the surface of the stove and fridge.

Next thing I knew my kitchen was sparkling clean and smelled so fresh and amazing. It was such a pleasure cleaning my kitchen with this. I was not choking on any toxic and harmful fumes from chemicals and my hands and skin was not irritated. I spent the next few hours cleaning away. A little of this goes a long way and I can honestly say it is the best cleaner I have ever used.  Everything looked brand new. Bravo for Pyoure.

Love this stuff ! Just about the only cleaner you’ll ever need.

I was sent a sample of this to test and review. This is my honest review and opinion.


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