Chef’s Knife By Happymoon Kitchenware


This beautiful Chef’s Knife is sooooo awesome!!! I really love this knife and have been able to test it out all week in the kitchen. First of all, it arrived in such a beautiful and elegant package, perfect for gift giving. The knife was bigger then I expected and I was very pleased with the size of it. I used it to chop onions first and could not believe how sharp and easy it was to slice and dice the onions.It was effortless.


The next night I roasted a chicken and was very excited to carve it with this knife. Low and behold, the 8 inch blade sliced through the bone with ease and precision. It was such a breeze to carve with. I have owned many knives before but none of them have worked as good as this one. I am super thrilled to own this amazing chef’s knife and look forward to cooking with it.
Overall: A incredibly sharp knife with a elegant modern design and comfortable handle. Very sturdy and durable. I am absolutely in love with it and recommend this to anyone looking for a high quality chef’s knife.
These knife was provided at no cost in exchange for a full product review and honest evaluation.


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