Simply Earth’s Camphor Essential Oil

Simply Earth is a small, eco-friendly, purpose-driven, family company. We donate 13% of the profit from every product purchased to organizations that are rehabilitating trafficking victims because the average age of these beautiful woman is 13 years old.


Camphor essential oil is extracted from camphor trees that are more than 50 years in age. This tree is found mainly in tropical regions of Asia and in different parts of South America. The camphor oil is extracted using the steam distillation method of extraction from the woods and roots of the camphor tree.

Camphor Essential Oil – is an analgesic (pain-reliever) and anti-inflammatory.  It may be beneficial for arthritis, rheumatism, muscle aches and pains, sprains and bruises.

Insecticide: Camphor oil is a very good insect repellant. You can simply leave a piece of cloth soaked in camphor oil in the open to drive the insects away. It also serves well as a mosquito repellent lotion or as a lotion to get rid of lice. A drop of camphor oil when mixed with grains can keep the insects away.

Decongestant: Camphor oil is very effective in removing congestion from the respiratory system and is therefore used in making of many cold rubs and balms. A lotion of camphor oil diluted using lavender or olive oil when applied directly over chest is helpful in reducing coughing and curing nasal problems

Decongestant: Many decongestant products like cold rubs and balms contain camphor essential oil because of its proven efficacy in getting rid of congestions in the respiratory system. Just dilute camphor essential oil in lavender or olive oil and apply it on the chest to reduce coughing or cure nasal problems.

Stimulant: A dilute solution of camphor essential oil acts as a stimulant and is very helpful in elimination of metabolic problems that are caused due to poor circulation. It helps in regulation of problems, such as sluggishness, rheumatism, poor bowel movement and gout.

Anti-inflammatory: Camphor oil is anti-inflammatory. It leaves a cooling effect that is very effective in relieving pain. It is also used to suppress the pain caused due to neuralgia by contracting the blood vessels and easing the pressure on the cranial nerve.

Anesthetic: Camphor oil has the property to numb the sensory nerves in the skin and hence can be used as a temporary anesthetic. Using the oil can offer relief from pain caused due to insect bites, mild burns or skin irritation

Acidity: Camphor essential oil is relieving our body from unwanted gases and can eventually even stop the formation of gases.


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