2 Boyon Small reading Lamp for Bedside

d1c5e41e709e47a7171cbe3835996ff09ce74266.jpgThis set of 2 small reading lamps for bedside reading are perfect. They are simple and sleek.
The light itself is soft, tranquil and nice. Very easy on the eyes.
The lamp is solidly made and feels quite heavy for it’s size. It has a goose neck light so I can bend it to any angle.
They both illuminate effectively when used at the ends of each bed. Not too obtrusive when one shuts of the light, it is bright enough yet dark for your partner to fall asleep. They are perfection and make a great holiday gift for your parents.


Product features:

Boyon Eye protection lamp: With advanced luminous technology, there is no dazzle light and stroboflash. And without ultraviolet radiation, this Boyon lamp is so soft to protect your eyes.
Eco-friendly and Energy Saving: With Non-toxic silicon material, it is suitable for kids, adults, and senior.
Small Compact size: BOYON Simple, Elegant and Portable design for small spaces.
Built in high power Battery: After charging it full, you can use it for a long time. And this Boyon lamp features long lifespan and light-emitting conductor which is small light failure.
360 Degree Adjustment: Adjust the BOYON lamp according to your requirements.


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