Great Xmas Gift for Music Junkies: Sound Intone CX-05 Stereo Headphones

872c0ce6-9e73-48eb-aabf-60d85ab4aad5.jpgHOT Christmas GIFT: Sound Intone CX-05 Stereo Headphones


Best Headphones EVER!! Sound is beyond AMAZING!!

These headphones are the audio bliss nirvana, I love the way they feel. So soft and grand around your ears and head. The earmuffs don’t constrict too tight and they just envelop you along with the dynamic sound and bass. Sound quality transcends clarity and bass up to new levels. The CX-05 offers excellent build quality and very detailed, balanced sound with tight bass. These are by far the best-sounding pairs you’ll find for less than $50 bucks, but wait…there’s better news. Sound Intone is running a killer holiday promotion deal right now for this headphone. 50% off the regular price on Amazon. Act fast because this deal won’t last.

50% discount code: CX05DI50
Enter your code at checkout here

Happy Holidays everyone!!

I received these, at no cost, to test out in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion and feedback.


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