Pinnacle High Quality Thermal Leakproof Lunch Box

e9bd7142-23c9-44c9-b381-1c99607f59ee.jpgI am not a big fan of nuking my food in the microwave and try to avoid it as much as possible. I do like having a warm lunch sometimes and having these insulated lunchboxes are perfect for me. I like that they are very durable and sturdy.


The feel of the boxes are high quality and very nice. These lunch boxes are awesome for its compact and contemporary style (gets lots of attention and compliments) as well as its practicality. Stays shut and sealed and keeps food very warm. I made some spaghetti noodles with meatballs and I covered it with hot pasta sauce. 4 and a half hours later when I took my lunch break the food was still warm! I was really glad I did not have to use the microwave.
I highly recommend these cute boxes!

I have received this product at a free or discounted rate in exchange for my honest review. All expressed opinions are mine, and are derived from the testing of the actual product


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