Regal Appeal Stainless Steel Tea Infuser 4-Pac

3dafb3c4e19f6ccfdf1eab8e053f244336f2bb8f.jpgThese are very nice stainless steel tea infusers. These are perfect for when you want to have just one cup of tea or when you have guests over and everyone wants their own kind of tea brewed the way they like it. The quality is very good and sturdy.


I also love using these when I am making homemade beef or chickn broth. I use these to put Cardamom seeds, cloves or roasted star anise in them, usually I use about 2-3 balls for a huge pot of broth and it is just perfect for seeping the flavors out of the spices into the soup. I hook them up to the side of the pot and let them do their magic. I did have a little trouble opening a few of the balls up the first time but I know have the hang of it. You have twist them and they pop open. Overall these are very simple to use, easy to clean, perfect for making tea or soups and are made of excellent quality.

I have received this product at a free or discounted rate in exchange for my honest review. All expressed opinions are mine, and are derived from the testing of the actual product


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