Pure Vanilla Powder Nirvana

Oh my god, this stuff is AMAZE!!! I am crazy about Vanilla, vanilla all day everyday should be my mantra. If I can put vanilla in everything I would be die a happy camper! I recently had the opportunity to try out this unique vanilla bean powder and let me tell you it is fantastic. It is organic vanilla in its purest form with nothing added.


I add about a pinch of this to my banana coconut milk smoothie in the morning and it makes my smoothie taste heavenly.

Half a cup of coconut milk
half a cup of ice
half a frozen banana
pinch of this vanilla bean powder
dash of cinnamon
teaspoon of organic raw honey
and blend until perfection!

The vanilla flavor emerges mixing in with the umami taste from the matcha giving you the freshest vanilla taste you can ask for. This smoothie was so good! A little of this vanilla powder goes a long way. The vanilla is subtle and nuanced so don’t expect the vanilla taste you would get say, from a frosty at Wendys.

I also made some gluten free vanilla coconut flour muffins that tasted so delicious when I added about a half a teaspoon of this powder to the mix. I really look forward to making other deserts with this vanilla powder soon. It’s wonderful and taste really delicious.

I was given the opportunity to review this at a no cost in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.



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