MoodBliss Essential Oil Roll On Blend

e8724f1505dfe0202bc21f9de426ce342c957281.jpgThis essential oil blend is wonderful. It smells extremely clean, earthy and uplifting. I love that I can store this in my pocket and pull it out whenever I am and rub it on my wrist to restore myself with the essential oil blend. I feel instantly relaxed and zen. The oils blend perfectly together to help stimulate you into a nice relaxing mood. At first the scent is very earthy and woodsy, then it swirls into a aromatic blend of floral happiness. that is light yet very intoxicating.


I love carrying this around with me. It gives me instant calmness. I also have been applying this to the back of my neck and ears around bedtime when I am in reading and relaxing mode. I find I sleep so much better during the night. This roller blend is perfection and smells just amazing!



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