Sometimes the holidays can be hectic and stressful and it’s always nice to have a little zen peaceful me time at home. This Spa Home Facial Steamer is the perfect thing to take you to that relaxing place.
This unique and neat device combines gently steaming your face along with the use of aromatherapy essential oils of your choice. Including in the box was a complimentary bottle of Frankincense and Myrrh essential oil which I thought was a nice and thoughtful gesture especially if you have never used essential oils and don’t have any at home.


This was very easy to assemble and user friendly, and in just a few minutes steam was soft and steadily coming out of the machine. I had my mode on high although you can set it to low if you wish. The oil smelled wonderful and after a few minutes of steaming I was feeling super tranquil and relaxed as my pores were opening and the steam was enveloping around my face. I felt like I was in a sauna room. It was very nice. I also had relaxing mediation music playing and candles burning so the ambiance was very zen and spa-like.

My roommate gets congested quite often especially in the winter time so this steamer will really benefit his health and really help him. I really think this is a great device to use when you need a quick essential oils fix. I can see having a headache and turning this gizmo on, throwing some peppermint, rosemary, lavender in and getting rid of that migraine quickly!

This steamer does the job very well, easy to use and will leave your skin and complexion glowing and feeling so soft. A perfect holiday gift for your mom or sister!

054f36889d7c8a157a8746f54b3f667fbe0e70c3Available on Amazon.


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