RAVPower Most Potent 26800mAh Portable Charger

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This is a superb charger that looks sleek, modern and handsome. It is slightly heavy so if you do tote it in your backpack, make sure your not carrying other things that are too heavy. I like how easy it was to plug my devices in and BOOM the thing starts charging immediately. I plan to take this to a huge EDM music festival this weekend where my cell always dies early on in the evening on the dance floor and the charging stations are always filled and packed. This will definitely keep the juice flowing. I can imagine this would be great for massive music festivals like Coachella next summer.

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PROS – I charged my iPhone and my roommate’s phone twice today and it did not even put a dent in the power. It charges really fast. Love the sleek design. The LED indicator is perfect.
CONS – It is just a tad bit heavy but that is okay, knowing that this will give me juice if I was stranded somewhere gives me great peace of mind.

This is an amazing device and would make a great holiday gift for Dad or your brothers.


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