Midori Springs Matcha

1fb1c392-36c0-418c-b428-6ebaf50f3ddaWhen I got this tea, I was really excited to introduce my mom to the wonderful universe of matcha green tea, so I was saving this for the past few weeks until I got a chance to visit her. It was really hard not to open it up as the design on the canister was very inviting. My mom was really excited to try it also and let me tell you she was not disappointed.


We both loved the full bodied delicate sweet swirls of green goodness that made our taste buds really happy. The taste and quality was present in this matcha tea, it was really delicious and my mom was in love with matcha upon her first sip. She loved that it did not leave any bitter after taste. We both agreed it had a really nice clean earthy taste to it. My mom also loves anything with high antioxidants and boy does matcha deliver on that level.

matcha (1)

Bottom Line – Exceptional quality matcha with a smooth and delicate delicious flavor. It’s extremely fresh smelling and tasting. It gave me tremendous clean calm energy without jitters all day long.
This works well drinking it ceremonial style or you can make a yummy smoothie also. My mom really loved it and is now officially hooked on matcha. She is going to purchase from this brand.



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