Lift Care Lemon Essential Oil

f6010d68-a362-4cbc-9a99-7c924917b1bbUsing this lemon oil has brought such joy to my place. It smells so delicious and divine. This high concentrate of lemon oil is energizing and help to uplift the spirits. When I am working on a project and need to focus and stay balanced I love having this scent linger and dance around my room. I used this in one of my favorite invigorating blends:

2 drops of Rosemary Oil
5 drops of Lemon Oil
2 drops of Peppermint Oil

These three essential oils work in synergy to create such a heavenly and happy scent that puts me in such a creative and content mood.
The benefits of lemon oil are astounding and this super powerful and potent oil can be used in so many different ways to benefit your household and health. I love cleaning my bathroom with lemon oil and a blend I use for cleaning my toilet area is

5 drops of lemon oil
5 drops of peppermint
1 cup of water

I spray this around the toilet area to kill all the germs and keep everything sparkly clean. It’s awesome to clean my place without the use of harmful chemicals.

Bottom line:

This lemon oil is super strong, smells fantastic and does the job with so many benefits!
It smells heavenly in a diffuser and creates a uplifting mood. Very high quality essential oil that I would
recommend to everyone.


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