Abundant Greens – Raw Organic Superfood Powder


I am in love with this green powder! It is so yummy tasting. Very subtle, smooth and extremely clean tasting. I have tried other green powders, some that I have really loved but none comes close to this pleasant tasting mix of green super foods. It almost tasted like drinking a nice light earthy green tea blend. I would recommend this to people that are afraid of green tasting stuff.

The ingredients & benefits are amazing:

Organic Chlorella and Organic Spirulina helps detoxify, quiet inflammation, and activate cell renewal.
Moringa Leaf is rich in amino acids & high in antioxidant activity.
Organic Wheatgrass is also a powerful detoxifier, especially of the liver and blood.
Organic Alfalfa: literally means “father of all foods” and has the highest chlorophyll content of any known plant.
Organic Barley Grass & Organic Green Stevia – the whole lea are loaded with antioxidants.


This powder is beyond healthy and makes me feel super balanced and energetic all day. It gives me a clean detoxifying feeling
after I drink it. I love the tastes, the quality and the texture. The health benefits are marvelous. I find this would be perfect for smoothies and
even subtle enough for cooking. I might try this in a butternut squash soup this week. I love this powder!


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