Matcha Obsessed in Zendori Heaven

I have had the wonderful opportunity to test out and try different Matcha Teas the past few weeks and this one has been the best tasting matcha powder by far. Let’s start out with the packaging. It is resplendent & so nice. I love how beautiful, peaceful and zen the design looks.61zJotYjCzL._SL1000_
What I really love about this matcha powder is the amazing subtle taste that dances on your tongue and sends your taste buds into umami heaven. I seriously am in love with the way this tastes. So yummy! Not bitter at all. It has a slightly nutty texture rounded off with a smooth and soft sweet aftertaste that is truly lovely. I am so addicted to this flavor and actually crave it throughout the day.


Since I started having matcha every morning my energy levels have risen dramatically. Everything you have heard about matcha giving you calm but focused energy is true. It is like all the brain fog in your head has evaporated and your smooth sailing all day long. I love feeling healthy and my very best. It is the best feeling to have natural energy that is serene at the same time.


Every morning is my own personal time I look forward to. Me, my bowl of matcha and my calm thoughts relaxed and ready to maintain balance all through the day. This is truly exceptional matcha and I highly recommend it. Everything from the packaging, design, quality, taste and health benefits is stellar! What a great perfect gift this would be. I am grateful that the company sent out samples for evaluation and my unbiased review.

ZENDORI CEREMONIAL [100% USDA ORGANIC] – Premium Matcha Green Tea Powder ★ From Nishio & Kyoto, JAPAN ★


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