G2G: Best Protein Bars Ever!


These are AMAZING! They taste so good! I have been looking for some gluten free protein bars that don’t taste chalky or have a weird texture. These not only are clean tasting & super healthy, the texture is smooth and perfect. These are my new addiction and are perfect for post workout snack. I love that there are no refined sugars, no preservatives. I am trying to keep sugar out of my diet these days big time. The fact that these are gluten free and taste this good blows my mind. These bars are seriously addicting. I have to totally refrain myself my eating another bar, that’s how good these are. They are perfect to eat when you are experiencing a mid day hunger crash.


All the ingredients have such amazing health benefits:

Whey Protein: rapid-digesting protein that feeds muscle tissue and helps in muscle recovery
Whole Oats: lowers cholesterol, reduces risk of heart disease, stabilizes blood sugar
Flaxseed: promotes bone health, protects against heart disease, cancer and diabetes
Coconut Oil: supports tissue healing, protects against osteoporosis, reduces inflammation
Honey: anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal
Cinnamon: anti-microbial, helps control blood sugar, improves colon health

I love these bars and highly recommend them. Right now you can check out their awesome website and products



and also purchase a case of G2G Bars on Amazon at a great price right now



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