Charcoal Detox Nirvana

Lately I have been hearing allot of buzz on the Charcoal Health Craze. From charcoal squares that taste like crackers to juices with activated charcoal, it does seem indeed that Charcoal Is The New Black! charcoal-lemonade-juice-supply
I have not tried the juices yet and the only other charcoal experience I have had was once, using a Japanese Clay and Charcoal Soap at my friends place in LA. I really loved it & have been looking forward to cleaning my face again with some Charcoal. Luckily last week I was sent a bottle of Michael Todd Charcoal Detox Cleanser to test out & review. I AM IN LOVE with this CLEANSER!!! It is AMAZING!!!
I loved the texture which reminded me of a very light gel, it applied smoothly & within seconds my face was filled with Charcoal Detox Lather Bliss! There was no sticky residue or film and it rinsed off perfectly. It helped get rid of my mild acne breakout & within days of using this fabulous product, my skin felt brand new, looked gorgeous & rejuvenated. This is my new favorite cleanser & I am glad I finally was introduced to Charcoal’s amazing health benefits. Disclaimer – I was sent this product at no cost to test out in exchange for my honest review & opinion.

Benefits & Key Ingredients

Activated Charcoal
• Highly absorbent to eliminate excess oil & impurities
• Draws out deep set blockages from pores

Sugar Cane, Maple and Bilberry Extract
• Stimulates cellular turnover to heal dark spots and retexturize
• Dissolves blockages, preps pores for following treatment steps

Tea Tree Oil
• Antibacterial & anti-inflammatory healing properties

Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice
• Nature’s first aid kit is known for its’ soothing properties
• Contains Auxin known for its’ anti-inflammatory properties
• Contains Gibberellins to heal and stimulate the growth of new cells


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