The Healing Health Benefits of Milk Thistle

144426773973117 unnamed (3)I just recently jumped aboard the Milk Thistle bandwagon after deciding that I needed to be nice & kind to my liver. After all, in my early 20’s my nights were fueled by all night parties involving lots of Grey Goose Martini’s and shots of Jäger. 

I guess the saying “The older we get, the wiser…” rings truth to our self care & holistic approach to taking good care of our health these days. Since taking Milk Thistle I can honestly say, my body, health and liver feels completely amazing & stellar. My complexion is more radiant, I feel that I am sleeping better & waking up more refreshed. All of this must be due to the detox process that is happening after taking Milk Thistle. The benefits include: Liver Detoxification, helps protect against Cancer, lowers High Cholesterol, prevents & controls Diabetes, help prevents Gallstones, boost skin health & also has anti-aging properties.

The brand I tried is Na’trition and they deliver high quality supplments at a really amazing affordable price. A bottle of Milk Thistle on their website is only going to run you $5.99, that is such a great deal for a high quality product. I recommend everyone trying this, your liver & health will thank you immensely!



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